NEAT Projects Pro Free License

NEAT Projects Standard(v2) is actually $69, however if you follow the guidelines below, you can get it for nothing.

Visit this giveaway page.

Click the “Send” button after entering your email address, checking the box next to the “I accept the terms” statement, and completing the captcha.

NEAT Projects

You will receive an email from Franzis ([email protected]) in a few minutes. Confirm your email address by clicking the “Click Here to Activate” link.

After that, Franzis will send you a second email containing activation details like your customer ID and registration code (serial number).

For setup file, users can download this zip file from Franzis:

Launch the installer, enter your serial number, and then click the “Activate” button.

Complete the installation process.

NEAT Projects Standard:

What characteristics define a memorable vacation photo? A beautiful theme, suitable lighting, and an eye for the ideal photo are required—but never other tourists! The Franzis NEAT program uses tried-and-true technology to overcome this problem. Your photos become one-of-a-kind eye-catchers once the program removes all distracting aspects.

Simply take a lot of pictures of your motif, then let NEAT projects get rid of the moving parts!

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